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Sneaks : Coach x Onitsuka Tiger 2014 Footwear Collection

So lets get a real mix up on the sneak front – iconic luxury leather goods label Coach is set to bring its sensibilities to the realm of footwear thanks to a new collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger. The sneaks come in low and high tops and come alongside the usual Tiger branding..Trust they look dapper on! What is really nice about this range however is the colour variation it comes with; pastel shading which is perfect for this up and coming summer time!

Spirit Girl : Kassy Mahea

Model: Kassy Mahea   Photographer: Ja Tecson

We’ve got ingredients for a good one here.. ultimate beaut mixed with some dope trainers and through in a little bit of clothing..not too much and out comes Kassy Mahea! Check her out! Not to be missed guys and girls!

Sneaks : Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel-Air”

What 2 things do you really want right now?.. a buff model and some dope sneaks? Well your wish is our command. Chanel Franco looks dapper in this shoot wearing the Air Jordan 5 retro sneakers. As you can tell they speak for themselves really.. Chanel is just a bonus!

Model: Chanel Franco
Photographer: Elizabeth Mae
Footwear: Air Jordan 5 Retro “Bel-Air”

Art : Pastels by Zaria Forman

Are these photographs?.. think so?.. think wrong! Look further into it and Zaria Forman has produced one of the wonders of the art world with her pastel drawings of icebergs and arctic scenes! Just look how detailed and precise these pastel drawings are and let them take you away to another dimension! Too dapper for words!

Xtreme: Skateboarding and Lingerie Models Meet in “New York La La La” L’Official Homme

So we have a wonder video here.. Why a wonder video you may ask? Mix some of the insanest lingerie models in the world and mix it up with a few dope skaters and out comes this insane video. Skate is still sexy and this shows just how much it is! Check the video out and decide for yourself! We salute you!

Art : Insane Paintings by Jason de Graaf

As unbelievable as it may sound, these are all hand-painted paintings by artist Jason de Graaf. His next level realistic paintings are all created with incredibly delicate brush strokes that result in the appearance of a high definition photograph more than a painting.

Jason says this about his work:

My paintings are about staging an alternate reality, an illusion of verisimilitude on the painted surface. I try to use objects as a vehicle to express myself, tell a story or least hint at something beyond what is actually painted. Therefore I try to choose objects that have meaning to me or are artifacts from my life.