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Change YOUR Life..get the SPIRIT!

If you believe that you have what it takes to get featured in Teen spirit then why not drop us a line and get yourself out there. You have ONE life so why not start it with Teen Spirit!

Everyone deserves a opportunity to shine. Whether your a hidden away artist or a model that just needs that break; We at Teen Spirit will help & guide you to exposure and success!

If you fit one of these then don’t hesitate to contact us today! Model | Band | Company | Label | Clothing Label | Illustrator | Artist | Tattooist | Extreme Sporter or any other brand!​​

Band / Artist Packages: £349.99 (RRP £489.99)

If you’re in a up and coming band or believe your the next big talent in the music industry then why not choose Teen Spirit as your platform to get yourself out there! We promote and get the right exposure for bands worldwide and love taking and listening to new talent! We’ve already worked with such bands as Warp Tour headliners Mayday Parade, Yashin and many others so check out band package out and get featured in our next issue!

inc: Double Page Spread – Full Interview Photos of the band inc Social Media Links Youtube Video Links Leading Design team Support & Advice teen spirit alternative online magazine

Companies & Brands:

We have the right solution for any company / brand or label who want that extra exposure through the right media and that is with us! We represent companies to their very best and get overall the right results that you want! More sales! With Teen Spirit we have numerous departments which can help from our design team to our advertisement team – you provide us with what you want and we get you the very best the web can offer!

Street Package (inc)

​- Double Page Write up
– Images / Videos inclusive
– Social Media Links
– Shares on our Social Media Networks

Paparazzi Package (inc)

​- 4 Page Write Up
– Double Page Advert (valid for 3 months RRP – £69.99)
– Images / Videos inclusive
– Social Media Links
– Shares on our Social Media Networks

​Hollywood Package (inc)

 – 6 Page Write up​
– 2 Double Page Adverts (valid for 3 months RRP £139.98)
– Images / Video inclusives
– Social Media Links
– Shares on our Social Media Networks


If you want to reserve your band package then contact us today! Insane offer!

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