Mega Band : Your Demise

Your Demise 2

Hiya Your Demise..For all the Teen Spirit readers out there tell us abit about yourselves.

Hello, This is Stu from YD – I play guitar and the Old Man role in the band. The other guys are Ed on vocals, Tailby on Drums, Jimmy on bass and Oz on guitar.

What genre of music would you put yourselves under?

Honestly I could not tell you, it seems like there is a genre for every kind of style, and so much debate around those. But essentially we are a Hardcore Punk Rock band.

And what has been your career highlight to date?

There has honestly been so many that its hard to pin point any exact highlight. We’ve toured all over the world, shared the stage with so many great bands and met so many awesome people on the way. I guess I would maybe say being friends with bands, that from my younger days were hero’s, is the main highlight. It’s still very strange to be in place where you can call them fiends.

Your favourite venue/place/festival you’ve played?

The best venue in the world, hands down is The Underworld in Camden, its the perfect venue. It has no barrier, so it’s really intense and great for stage diving and getting involved. It’s like the spiritual home of hardcore in London these days to. Second I would say is Chain Reaction in Anaheim. We love festivals to, European ones always smash it and Download 2011 was a highlight for us.

If you could collab with one person/band who would it be and why?

Not speaking for the others, but it would prob be someone like Hetfield from Metallica, or Paige Hamilton from Helmet, both massive inspirations for myself. A lot of the other guys would probably say some obscure hip hop artists or even One Direction, that would be an interesting mix ha ha!

When you boys are jamming does the songs come naturally or does it take a while to really get the sound your looking for?

I would say 50% comes from jamming, but there is always a basic Riff which leads to the finished song. We all write together, everyone’s input, it keeps it level and insures everyone is in to it.

If you could plan your destiny where would you lead yourselves to?

Playing on the Moon, touring with The Wyld Stalyns?

Any embarrassing things we should know?

Ha, we don’t really get embarrassed, nothing really bothers us to that point, whatever goes really. If someone around us is, we all just kinda look at each other ha ha.

What do you want to say to all your fans and supporters out there?

Thanks for giving us the chance to live out our dreams, it means the world to us! see you on tour!


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