Mega Band : Bleed From Within



For all the Teen Spirit readers out there tell us abit about yourselves.

We are a metal band from Scotland who have been together since 2005. We are just about to release our new album entitled ‘Uprising’ via Century Media Records, and there is nothing we love more than being on tour, playing our songs live, and partying hard.

What genre of music would you put yourselves under?

We are a metal band! Over the years we have been given many different labels, and been called all sorts. Mainly because Kennedy, our singer, has a fringe! People in the music scene today are very eager to give something a label on first listen. The same thing happens when people look at a picture of your band, which is stupid. Without even listening to the music, they have summed you up and put you alongside other bands that you may look similar to. ‘Uprising’ is a metal album; we are a metal band.

And what has been your career highlight to date?

It has to be signing a record deal with Century Media Records, and joining the family over at Raw Power Management. Century Media is home to a number of bands that have inspired us, and Raw Power have so many amazing bands on their roster that we are either friends with, or have massive respect for. There was a point when we didn’t know what was going to happen with this album. Then, after meeting members of both companies, we very quickly realised that our luck was going to change. We are honoured, and very lucky to be where we are right now.

Your favourite venue/place/festival you’ve played?

We have played hundreds of amazing festivals and shows, but the our favourite has to be Graspop Festival (Belgium) in 2011. We played there as a part of our tour with Suicide Silence and After The Burial. We were playing after Kylesa, and before Times Of Grace, in a tent that held 13,000 people. It was absolutely packed when we started playing, and seemed to get even busier throughout our set! There are a whole bunch of videos on youtube of the wall of death that happened during the show. I just wish someone had captured the look on our faces when we walked off stage after the encore. We were on another planet! My mum and dad were on a holiday nearby and managed to make it over in time for our set aswell, so that made the full thing a little more special.

If you could collab with one person/band who would it be and why?

I would have loved to jam with Dimebag Darrell (RIP). Just get ourselves set up in a studio somewhere, crack open some fine Scottish whisky, and jam for a few days. But that’s never going to happen. Collaborating would have to bring something different to the table, so maybe meet up with Biffy Clyro and try create some crazy metal/alternative/Scottish hybrid.
We have some guest vocals on our new album by Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats. It’s the first time we have ever been able to get someone from a well known band involved in an album, so we haven’t really given it much thought! The next album might have one or two surprising guests on it. It’s quite surreal hearing someone else being a part of something your band has created!

When you boys are jamming does the songs come naturally or does it take a while to really get the sound your looking for?

It really depends. The riffs are bought into the studio by our guitar players, Goonzi and Martyn, then I’ll get a feel for them on drums. We all try out a bunch of ideas at that point, then Goonzi will take them away and record them in his home studio. We all listen back to the structure and make changes from there. Jamming is crucial to getting the groove for the track, and making sure everyone is comfortable with the tempo. It takes slightly longer for the final product to come together as you need a few days listening to each different version in order make notes and think about changes. Some songs come together easier than others. There are times when you can practically finish a full song in a night, but sometimes it can take months.

If you could plan your destiny where would you lead yourselves to?

If we could go anywhere, then we would love to tour America, Australia and Asia. It has been our dream to play those places ever since the band started getting serious. So fingers crossed for Warped Tour and Soundwave in the future.
But, as I touched on earlier, we are very humbled to be where we are right now, and this is a very exciting time for everyone involved. We are just starting to get reviews back from different press, and hear what outsiders think of the album. It has been incredibly positive so far.

Any embarrassing things we should know?

What happens on tour, stays on tour haha! So there will always be things that stay secret. I think as a band we don’t have a lot of majorly embarrassing moments.
We have started shows when the lighting guy has been in the toilet, so the first 2 songs were in total darkness. Thats happened more than once. I also threw my drumstick into a crowd in London a few years ago, it caught someone in the face because they weren’t paying attention, so I ran off stage. I thought everyone loved the set. Obviously not!

What plans have you got for 2013?

Our album is released on March 25th in Europe, and April 2nd in North America. We have a tour with Testament and Shadows Fall during the last 2 weeks of March, then we have a headline tour in the UK during the last two weeks of April. We have a few festival appearances booked for summer, including this years Download Festival in England, which we are VERY excited for. So many of our friends are going to be there! We have no intention of sitting still this year, or next for that matter.
We just want to tour whenever, and wherever we can. It’s time for us to let people know that we are back, take our new songs to the stage, and prove that we mean business.

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

Thanks to EVERYONE who has stood by us and waited patiently for this album to be released. It’s a cliched thing to say, but we mean it from the bottom of our hearts. We have been through a lot, but feel that we are coming back to a bigger fan base, which is a crazy feeling. So thanks to all of you for that!
Just keep checking our Facebook for updates on tours/shows, and hopefully so will see some of you on our headline tour this April. Support comes from Heart Of A Coward and Silent Screams, two great UK bands. Tickets are available at and all usual outlets.

Why you love Teen Spirit?

It’s metal as fuck.



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